We use a condition scale that we believe is user-friendly and helpful. We have been complimented repeatedly on our extremely high standards all to your benefit.


This includes dead-stock, never-worn clothing (usually still with original tags and/or packaging), and generally any clothing or item in the best condition. Please know that excellent when referring to vintage items is a relative descriptive term that allows for the age of the item. For example a pair of 1940s platform shoes that have been gently worn and show no flaws are considered excellent for our purposes. When vintage apparel is described as excellent, you should not expect it to look as though it was made yesterday and never worn.

Very good:

An item classified as very good may have a minor flaw that does not detract from the item's appearance or usability, for example, a small pull in fabric, light abrasions on metal or leather surfaces, or general allover fading to fabric. An item described as very good has been worn but is not worn-out. Again, clothing in this category is still extremely wearable.


We do not include items in the collection that are in poor condition our good rating still adheres to a very high standard. Good denotes an item that is still highly wearable, but may have notable flaws such as fading or an age stain that is not alarmingly striking, be in need of buttons or a zipper, or a seam stitched. We describe these things and they should not be a surprise when you receive your acquisition. In the case of vintage denim, we may offer pieces that retain most of their value in their rarity at the expense of condition.